Weerdkidz Capsule Collection

Less than 1000 WeerdKidz are in existence.

Fragile but fierce, they live in harmony with the peaceful O-Head Fam



Weerdkids are so rare it's hard to call them a sub-species.

But they are a subspecies of Post Churn** human.

**Churn? Churn is when the earth is terraformed by alien entities known as Churns.

0.001% humans survived. And some survived but not as humans.


Some got on huge ocean liners far from shore, out of Churn reach. These are referred to as Boat People. They kept what remnants of human technology they could salvage. But over the course of the next hundred years, they eventually all died out from a lack of resources, ocean storms or the ship itself rusting into oblivion.


    Churn will fight churn, grinding up entire cities but once a bridge is generated by Churn, it is never recycled or attacked. So humans cluster onto these enormous Churn generated bridge cities.

But having lost all pre-churn technology, electricity, and basically live by foraging, their lives are not easy nor do they have much history or knowledge of the human civilization before Churn wiped out humanity.
They are generally fearful and unfriendly towards all other species.


Lastly there are mutated humans called O-Heads: These are OG humans that were trapped by the first wave of Churn over a thousand years ago. Instead of being ground up, they lay perfectly preserved in Churn bubbles called Hard Rooms. But while their memories and health remained intact...most are wildly disfigured by Churn.

When they wake, huge holes have formed in their head and their mouths have closed up.
Without the ability to speak aloud, they were deemed as monsters by Bridge People and generally driven off or killed when found. But they can mind-speak to each other, albeit over fairly short distances of time, and eventually create a tiny string of colonies along the coast. O-Heads regularly travel to various O-Head towns to share news and interesting items gleaned from Churn Bubbles.

One could call O-Heads the most Churn adapted species. Puffies melt in water and can be easily torn. Humans suffer from extreme cold and heat and need to eat all the time and run from Churn. But O-Heads are Churn repellants and basically lived with almost no food or water.
There are no known natural O-Head deaths so one might say they are pretty much immortal.

Puffies and O-Heads are quite friendly as "O-Heads" are usually freed by hardbox crackers--teams of puffies sent out to find the wonderful remains of Pre-Churn life and technology. Puffies usually escort them to the nearest O-Head Colony as most O-Heads were either friendly or neutral with Puffies.

Some even are invited to Maker Houses and reside there as Pre-Churn experts to confirm or deny hard box findings.


The fourth human subspecies would be called Weerdkids.
These are descendants of Bridge People that are born mutated.
Bridge people feel all mutations are the work of the Devil so Weerdkins are abandoned or killed but some parents trek deep into the Churn Wilderness to leave the child with a known O-Head community.
(Which is ironic since Bridge Humans will generally kill a O-Head on sight. But, hey)

The O-Heads generally do accept all Weerdkid orphans. And so Weerkids live with the O-Heads.

Strangely enough, Weerdkids have a very distinctive look, or rather types of looks and there are useful powers associated with these traits. So while they essentially are a lot more vulnerable than O-Heads, they are also a bit Churn adapted. There are no known Weerkid colonies. They are raised by O-Heads and live happily alongside them. Another interesting thing is that Weerkids float.

While they are generally only half the height of O-Heads and Bridge Humans, ie the same size as Puffies,
Weerkids often float at eye level with whomever they are talking to.

Another strange thing is that Weerkids almost immediately 'bond' with another Weerkid and they travel as a pack rarely leaving sight of one another. They may bicker but once the bond is made, they are essentially friends for life.


NOTE: Weerkids are only as tough as human beings and cannot repel Churn. Thus, they often cannot trek far from camp like O-Heads do. But the O-Heads are great teachers of Pre-Churn knowledge so Weerkids are pretty technologically savvy and since they can talk, they are excellent negotiators with other races. Another reason that they are usually not very adventurous is that while Puffies will never kidnap a weerkid, many Makers will use a tamed Churn Creature to kidnap them. As Churn Creatures are fairly fast and can suddenly appear out of the blue sky, Weerkids generally do not travel long distances in open spaces.

Weerdkids are pretty strange looking, even to O-Heads. However, their abilities are even more inexplicable.

The best way to think of them is as if they are half human and half- Churn Creature.








Grassheads will often be found thoughtfully chewing a strand of hair and reading or learning about the history of the pre-Churn civilation.

They often bond with a 'baldy' and the two of them are quite happy nibbling away at the grassy partner's field of tasties or helping cut the hair when it's too lush.


Some Weerdkids have mask like growth over half their face. It is not known what function the Mask actually provides. These masks 'shed' very frequently leaving the mask head with a new face. The shed mask is often quite beautiful and Makers are known to collect them.

The switching of faces can be rather startling to their partner but they seem to generally be cheery.


Some Weerdkids have a huge embedded eye called a "Keyhole eye".

If the Weerkid concentrates, the keyhole eye can bore a precise hole through even the thickest Churn. This is really useful when there is a hardbox and it needs to be examined without breaking through (and possibly crushing the delicate remains or even a living O-Head). They often are the community architects, building walls out of cold Churn that they've eye-cut. Although it's not exactly that efficient as a weapon, Bridge Humans fear Keyholers quite a bit. There are also Ice Keyholes : they have a blue rim. Their eyes don't burn but freeze.


Some Weerdkids have none of the above. But that's quite deceiving because the Jokers are like wild cards.

They do have powers---but they flare up according to their moods.

Some are
rare powers that no other Weerdkids show.

There have been cases where some enter an O-Head colony only to accidentally destroy it. Thus Jokers are often treated with caution by their adoptive colony until their powers are 'known'.

If the powers are not easily controllable or dangerous to others, there are various training exercises. But some simply run away.


Some Weerdkids have eyeballs drifting above their head. These not only allow them to see more but also to talk to other Eyeballers across long distances by 'sharing' what they see.

These are usually the ones who work as scouts

and go out on hunting trips with O-Heads.

Unfortunately, because of their useful skills, they are

also commonly kidnapped by Makers.


A very few Weerdkids have skin that can taste and see apart from their heads. They're called Arguses because of the many extra eyes but they often have other noses and faces as well.