The Team

Our team: Cali (Bay area), France, Pakistan, Indonesia and South Africa. But no pudgy penguin. :-)

Helen Cho Mastermind, Illustrator, Storyteller

In 1996, I'd finished the Stanford Stegner Writing program and joined Worlds, one of the first metaverses.

Within a year, my three metaverse environments and avatars sold to a japanese client for a cool 3 million.

I continued with motion graphics and UX and helped launch and write a blockchain whitepaper for quantproofed Mochimo.

But my longterm goal was to create a strong vibrant community.

I realized NFTs could do this.

Puffy Nation takes all my love for writing & manga & the web3 community and brings it together.

My Linkedin

Arham Irfan Lead Programmer

Arham is the NFT contract and auction maker & Flutter app Developer


Faran Tariq Senior Programmer

Our Advisor in all things NFT is Faran: Senior NFT & App Programmer with 7yr industry experience.


Arthur Sutinko Animator

Arthur is patiently working through and animating the 2023 animated Maker collection.

Claudine Bowyer Colorist and Designer

Claudine is a photographer and designer who is helping Arthur with the 2023 Maker Collection.

Dylan Music Producer