There are 30 Maker Houses. Each House is tied to one of these chapters: PLA, EXO and STA.

  1. PLA (Puffy Liberation Army) - Chapter 1- Intrigue, Beginnings and Betrayals

PLA is the biggest collection. It has 12900 puffies and fifteen houses.
Why so many? Because there's a lot of history to cover. A lot of interhouse intrigue. A lot of crazy Makers doing crazy things.

Timeline 1 Puffy Liberation Front (PLA)

This timeline outlines the history of the Makers and early setup of the Liberation Overground Railroad to transport puffies from bad houses to Starfish. Considering how dangerous the Overground is and how frail Puffies are, not very many make it unless they can encounter one of Mansickler's Brood and get a map and waterproofing antidote.

#Mansickler's Brood
Maker Mansickler promised to create a new society for Puffies called Starfish. But he was killed and his Phoenix can't be found. His highly collectible Puffies, called Mansickler's Brood, may hold the key but they are all iced in the vaults of other Makers.


# 1 PLA Mouth Alicia #2 PLA Siamese Fighter Olo #3 PLA Squid Oberon #4 PLA Hard Ember #5 PLA Maeas Boat #6 PLA Flight Owlost #7 PLA Parfum Magenta #8 PLA Sky Dragilian #9 PLA Pax Mek #10 PLA Babel Night #11 PLA Ek Nel Half-Churn #12 PLA Weather Rak #13 PLA Embol the Judge #4 PLA Ekeby Star #15 Dav-E the Shifter

2.EXODUS -- Chapter 2 - Traps, meeting Aliens, fighting Churn and camping LAUNCH JAN 15 >>> MINT HERE


7100 are generated and 8 are UNIQUE.

Timeline 2 — Exodus--Puffies on the Run & Meeting other Species

There are a total of 6850 puffies in the Exodus Collection. Each puffy belongs to one of eight Exodus maker Houses.

The Exodus is concerned with tales of escaping Puffies, usually from one of the eight Maker houses that have self destructed or the Maker has vanished or set them free. These puffies, for the most part, have not reached Starfish but they're out in the wilderness of the Overground with no protective Maker Fortress. In short, Exodus Puffies have each other but no one else backing them. They can create alliances with the small O-Head colonies, tame Churn creatures and possibly even negotiate with the Bridge people. But most importantly, they need to find a way to Starfish. How?

First, they must brave the Overground, contact a Puffy in the Overground Railroad. They may encounter some or all of the species that live in the Overground: Churn creatures they may tame and keep as Pets, O-Heads (Churn transmogrified Humans), Wakers (Pre-Churn Humans who have managed to break out of Hard boxes) and Bridge & Boat Humans (descendants of survivors of the Churn) and, lastly, the mysterious Wild Puffies who seem to be doing just fine in the Overground without a Maker to heal them. All of these creatures may know something about Starfish. Or they may not be at all reliable.

These puffies are most likely to have story seeds where they entangle with --#Wild Puffies --#human tribes --#O Heads (Churn mutated humans locked in Hardboxes for a couple of centuries and thus living artifacts of preChurn life and technology) and taming churn pets. Click on your House to go to the seeds and introduce your character!


  1. Orphan Afreet >>

  2. Et Tu Agamemmnon >>

  3. Hording Abacus >>

  4. Smoke Aridien >>

  5. Sam Nom >>

  6. Deadwater Peng >>

  7. Wing Lack >>

  8. Engineer Ada>>

#1 EXO Orphan Afreet # 2 EXO Et Tu Agamemnon #3 EXO Hording Abacus #4 EXO Smoke Aridien #5 EXO Deadwater Peng #6 EXO Wing Lack #7 EXO Sam Nom #8 EXO Engineer Ada

3.STARFISH -- Chapter 3 - A new society, saving Mansickler's Brood and finding a cure

STARFISH is the smallest Puffy Collection with only 7 houses. Why so few puffies? Because getting to Starfish is hard. All the puffies of Mansickler's brood were supposed to be guides but they were iced when Mansickler was assassinated at the Maker Faire.

Timeline 3 — Life at Starfish

Mansickler established a vast semi underwater lair called Starfish. He sent the puffies he saved to Starfish. The puffies who live at Starfish are establishing their own free colony and welcome any puffies who come to them through the Overground Railroad. The puffies rescued by Mansickler have been altered for deep sea life. This is so they would be safe from any pursuers.

There are now seven houses of puffies at the Starfish Haven colony. Some puffies are actually wild puffies who may or may not have been made by Makers long extinct or even replicated by Churn.

Rescue Missions
Overground Railroad The Starfish community has also send out several puffies to scout for escapees and maintain contact with the guerillas of the Puffy Liberation Army.

Stance towards Makers
Unlike the Puffy Liberation Front, Starfish are not committed to overthrowing Makers.

They are of two minds: One group is completely dedicating to keeping Starfish as secret as possible and separating from Makers. Another group feels Makers and Puffies are symbiotic and that Mansickler’s Phoenix is the key to their salvation as they are sure that the Phoenix will help them solve many of the issues that are facing them currently such as regeneration and fertility. They are willing to protect Phoenixes
of Makers who promise not to hurt or enslave puffies.

Mansickler's Brood
Some of the Starfish puffies hold the opinion that Mansickler’s Brood actually have the key to finding the Phoenix and that each of them holds some vestige of Mansickler himself.

However, no one is clear why he sent out each and every of his own creations to the other Makers where they could be damaged or even killed.

As all of Mansicker's Brood have been iced or destroyed, no Puffy really knows what is going on with them or where they are.

Starfish inhabitants
The puffies who managed to get to Starfish have been waterproofed either by Mansickler or by one of Mansickler's Brood.

Story seeds for Starfish fall broadly into three categories:

1. These puffies are dedicated to helping more reach Starfish

2. Several groups feel they should keep Mansickler's promise to save his Brood

3. Those finding Mansickler's Phoenix (reincarnated Maker child)


#1 STA Hyena Escher #2 STA Assassin Est #3 STA Engineer Ada #5 STA Enk the Survivor #6 STA Merchant Amanot #6 Starfish - Fire Noot #7 Starfish - Persephone