Make sure your wallet has only the amount of cash you intend to spend on buying your puffy.

Buy one and make sure it shows up on Openseas.

After you buy, move your Puffy to a cold wallet such as Ledger.
Don't connect this wallet to any site other than a known marketplace like Rarible or Openseas.

Let's say you want the wallet to be eligible for airdrops or delegation.
But connecting the wallet to anywhere is a risk.
What you need is a substitute hot wallet that you use that reflects your cold wallet.
That way, you're just connecting a burner wallet, not ever connecting the actual account with your puffies.

How to 'delegate' or create a substitute hot wallet:

  1. create a burner metamask address for Polygon

  2. Go to

  3. Connect the cold wallet you vault your NFTs in, e.g. a Ledger device

  4. Copy the address of your designated burner wallet and paste it into the “Wallet” UI

  5. Press the “Submit Delegation” button and complete the transaction with your cold wallet to finalize your entry in the registry

That’s it! You can then track that and future delegations using the “View recent delegations” button below the Wallet delegation UI. Now your linked burner will only represent your cold wallet : it can’t be abused to drain any NFTs from within your cold wallet!