“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.


what are hard boxes.....?

Remember Pompeii and the goo flowing over everything and preserving some stuff and burning the rest to ash? Well, the Churns generally grinds up everything but on rare occasions the Churn would also encase the irritant in a hermetically sealed bubble. As newer Churns flowed over, they would either cover or grind up this bubble.

But a few have survived.

These bubbles were the only remnant of technology and human artifacts left on the planet. They are hard to break and that is why only a Puffy designed with lobsterama claws or hair can crack a hard box.

Hard boxes don't arrive based on luck. Hard boxes are discovered by teams who do the hard work of creating beautiful Puffy stories for the community. The contents of each hard box is a surprise.


Hardboxes also are small treasure troves for Puffies. Having lived underground all their lives, are in desperate need of sunglasses to protect their weak eyes. They also love any human clothes but, because of their stature, they usually only fit into children’s clothes. Lastly, while the Churns have mostly died down, certain strains are kept artificially active in small pools and used to replicate certain objects for Makers and Humans alike.

So when a Puffy finds an object very useful, they usually travel to nearby Churn Pool to see if it will replicate it but it may be that the Churn simple eats it and spits out something random.