Dark Hearts Capsule Collection

you never really know


until you go through their drawers

on a rainy day.

Break down their doors

and finger through their trash,

undoing the ties.

arms not needed.

These are

precious things discarded,

hidden forgotten

until after death.

lying in a locked drawer

for sixty years.

Corners crumpled,

some torn,


sixty years of dust. they are glued by the rim of her hat.

Who fashioned her?

Double lips

for double kisses.

A red nose signifying winter.

Cracked marbles in her eyesockets

one ice blue, the other with a yellow

swirl. A cat's eye.

The old folding building has hundreds of tiny cubicles draped with canvas. he set up something in each.

then disassembled them. assembled them again. arms and legs strew

the floor. Velvet robes and rags. Cattle bone whittled down.

A striped dress of mine


I found it here

suffocating them.

bodies made of translucent

stockings filled with a white paint

that had hardened.

what did it mean?

Two angels

he said one morning,

staring out.

"I made two angels."

Behind brick, I found them

no longer alive.

Black gauze

stockings hung from the ceiling.

Indigo sheet.

The rest was plaster

and wire wrapped

lovingly, crumbling.

"Two feet".

That's all it said,

taped to the back of the right one.

Yes, they both have two feet.