Pets are not fashioned by Makers but, rather, discovered by Puffies on their excursions to the Overground. They are, in fact, creatures generated by the Churn. It is not known if they are transmuted (like O Heads) or actually generated.

Tamed, these pets protect their peeps when they go out into the Churn World above ground.

All Pets within the same family look alike as they are replicated via Churn and receive the same messages.

Pets are free (minting costs are to the holder) can be minted 30 days after you mint your peep provided you still hold the peep in the same wallet.

Note the pictures are placeholders as we want to keep the actual pet a secret until they mint!! :-)


Why Pets?

Pet = join your exclusive writing community

Pets are important because they are guardians of the hard rooms. To enter a hardbox, you need to have the pet in your wallet. The reason we have pets and peeps instead of just peeps is that it's nice to have a stable identity--ie your peep--for the community. But if you can get multiple pets, you can enter multiple hardrooms and help create multiple storylines. Think of each hardroom as a team. Teams will vie against each other to win various prizes: whitelist or airdrops of upcoming collections and collabs, rare t-shirts and other merchandise.

Why Hardboxes?

We believe small communities are more fun than large communities. So we have the main channels for everyone but the hardboxes are your team. Your team is determined by when you joined.

I just won an auction: and minted my Puffie. Where do I mint my pet? Here

Wait, I bought a Puffie on Openseas but I don't have a pet!

Let's say you bought a Puffy from the secondary market instead of minting it from us.

If they haven't claimed the pet, you can claim it from our website.

If the pet has already been claimed and the current owner doesn't want to sell it to you, then buy the daily extra pet here.

It won't be the pet that originally was issued to the first owner but it is a pet that allows you to join a team.

Wait I don't want a that bad?

That's fine. You'll still have access to all the main channels which include information about whitelisting for drops and

community voting and helping generate cool ideas for the community. We're sad you won't be helping to write the story of our Puffies but we hope you enjoy what comes out of our communities!

How many pets are there?

There is a new pet type created every day and Each pet type has it's own powers. If you don't mint the peep on that day, you will not be able to get that pet type. Every pet is an NFT and while all pets of a pet type look alike they are unique thanks to their background.

Are some pets rarer than others?
Yes. We will only be auctioning twenty peeps a day and eventually ramp up to 100 a day.
So the first pets types will only have 20 in their run.

Do Pets have any other utility or power other than entering a Hard Room?

This is a secret (haha). We are considering various options. Owning more than one pet or peep will give you an advantage.

That's all we can say for now.

Bugina Chitkas

Created by the master of machinery, the Buginas are actual tiny helicopters that 'jump' many miles, carrying their Puffy to safety.


Ever hungry, the Paracleetus are energetic and capable of fighting off Churn. They are also great at sniffing out Hard Rooms and the Library of Babel was actually discovered by a group of Paracleetus out for a nibble.

Excellent Todet

The most excellent Todet is capable of jumping straight up into the sky, escaping from most enemies. It carries the Puffy on its tongue and lives on cloud moisture. They were developed by a clever Maker with hollow bones and often drift above the Maker settlement in herds.

Infanta Brevis

Very tiny, fierce and fast, the Infantas can be seen as resembling a mongoose, protecting Puffies from any sudden attack. Some however have gone insane and attacked unfamiliar Makers. They avoid the heat and often burrow underground, sleeping in big piles of feathers until called for.

Dream Buggaris

Very slow to move and so small you can fit them in your pocket, dream buggaris are made of precious metal and can trigger terrifying dreams in their opponents. One has actually been documented as driving a Maker mad when they attempted to kidnap the Puffy of El Ker.

Their eyes are silvery and their legs are delicate so they are usually carried in a sturdy glass box.

Belbong Henchickas

Feeding on Churn, the bellbongas are more gentle friend than protector.

The Peeps hop on them to travel long distances and hide under their wings like baby chicks when it rains.

Bellbongas are part of the Underground Railroad.

Notbox Squids

Notboxes emerge from a small nutshaped shell and expand into a cloudy billowing body that hides the Puffie and helps them escape.

They are very fond of sweets and are known to casually snitch things from other Makers and peeps which is why they are avoided at the Maker Faire.

Soma Pheasants

Soma Pheasants lay prickly golden eggs that contain Soma. This puts most Makers to sleep but makes Puffies go into a much longer paralytic sleep.

Soma eggs have been used in at least one successful attack so some makers have tasters in case their meal has been soma poisoned.


Burrabogs are crazy in that they can bite anyone for no reason.

On the upside they are great defenders and very loyal.

Due to their size (they are bigger than any Peep) they can be very

intimidating. Their howl can be heard for miles and is nearly deafening. So peeps can often communicate by Burrabog across

distances using a series of long howls and short barks.


Est Embol kept two pets to guard his home.

These enormous guardians stand at the gate of his tunnel and are objects of fascination as they are often a hundred times larger than an ordinary pet or Puffie.

They emit a gas that causes Makers to feel dizzy and Puffies will often faint if they get too near.

Moth Lomas

Lomas carry an itchy dust on their wings that they can shake out. They are also excellent at delivering very clear messages to other Lomas and can fly fast but they are too small to carry Puffies on their back.
Their bite is severely painful but that's about it in terms of defense.


Wavecans have the eerie capability of shifting to either turn

completely invisible or match the background. This can prove

invaluable to the Puffy who is trying to escape detection. This is a very useful pet to have.

Beel bugs

Virtually indestructible, Beel Bugs are able to tunnel through the hardest Churn junk and search to see if the Hard Room is empty or actually worth cracking.

They can also sing very softly and their songs are, for a beetle, highly soothing.

Several together often spend the evenings singing in unison. They are very beautiful and highly prized.

Being Mansickler's creations, they're quite bejewelled.

Stellar Lobsters

Slow but steady, the stellar lobsters crawl about and gather observations. They can remain motionless for hours if the conversation is interesting enough and repeat everything back even years later.

Another thing they can do is mimic voices.

Due to this strange ability, they have often been used to lure Puffies to their doom.

Chattering Comorantis

Based on the comorant, this pet was designed to go fishing for human artifacts lost under the sea.

The ocean is the only place that the Churn has not completely obliterated. Although hundreds of years have destroyed most things, there are occasional treasures to be found.

They are also capable of uttering very delightful snippets from books they have found at the Babel Library.

Good Bug

These tiny machines sneeze whenever a Maker or a Puffy tells a lie.

Some are also equipped with a deadly sting.

Unfortunately, they are often used as assassins.

Which works quite well unless someone in the room is lying.
Uttering a few lies when entering a room is a good way to flush them out.

Balloons El Diafroua

These are special ships with claws that can gently pick up a puffy and carry them to safety.

However, they have been known to drop the Puffy less than gently

once they reach their destination and flying while held by claws can make one quite terrified and airsick.

Thus they are not the preferred way to travel.


These Churn creatures were first found at the House of Ember

and although they are tiny, they can emit a pushing force that throws down anyone nearby. This helps Puffies escape savage creatures they might meet in the Overground.

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Day 25 Jeelabongs

Day 26 Foongpinglaters

Day 27 Dontilos

Day 28 Wengsingers

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Day 31 Wakameekers